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The Combo


    "The Combo"





    The Combo has a variety of setup options.  It is an IWB (inside the waistband) holster with a full sweat shield that keeps the slide off the body. It is designed for you everyday concealment needs. The holster will come with an engraved Nylon 66 Fomi Clip, RCS Overhook, RCS Concealment Wing and two Soft Loops.  It will come with all of the hardware needed to set up every option.   

    These are all handmade well crafted custom IWB Kydex Holsters. Made with CNC precision cut aluminum molds. All holsters have smooth rounded edges, made out of .080 thickness kydex which is designed for holster manufacturing, very light weight and durable.




    CNC Cut Molds

    .080 KYDEX T


    Nylon 66 J-CLIP


    RCS Overhook


    RCS Concealment Wing 


    2 Soft Loops


    Adjustable retention


    Adjustable CANT 


    Easy On/OFF design



    Spider Concealment: Shockingly Awesome Appendix Carry Holster! w/ Coupon Code! (08:52)
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    • Spider Concealment: Shockingly Awesome Appendix Carry Holster! w/ Coupon Code!
      Uh-oh…Could the “AIWB Combo Holster” from Spider Concealment b...

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    1. Walther pps m2 combo holster  star rating

      Posted by Todd on Aug 3rd 2018

      Great holster! Fast turnaround. I highly recommend their holsters. So much I already bought another for my M&P 2.0

    2. Lovin it so far  star rating

      Posted by Jason on Jul 20th 2018

      My review is based on my own experience while carrying in the appendix position.

      •I purchased one of these for my Sig P365 and it took maybe about 7ish days to make it to my mailbox.

      •It does have some pretty serious click retention and the firearm won't just fall out, you have to give it a pretty good tug but not so much to where the holster comes out with it.

      •The claw does its job and pushes the grip into your stomach, I've been carrying my P365 with the 12 round magazines and I can wear light colored shirts without my firearm printing.

      •I've only used the fat clip for the holster but it works really well and I just don't have the desire to try the loops or the narrow belt clip.

      •The kydex is sturdy and the edges are clean with no snag points.

      •My only request would be to have the option for a half guard or no guard instead of just a full guard, but keep in mind I'm really reaching at this point and the full guard is fine.

      My conclusion, the holster is reasonably priced and works well with the Sig P365. I won't assume every firearm works well but based on my experience with my firearm it's working phenomenal so far. I am definitely going to purchase another Combo Holster this year for my next firearm purchase.

    3. The combo  star rating

      Posted by Chad on Jul 17th 2018

      Very good quality The combo holster gives you different options for iwb carry and fits my hand gun perfectly. I have tried several holsters trying to find the right fit for me for appendix carry. This one does the job and the claw definitely helps in concealment.

    4. Great for Appendix Carry!  star rating

      Posted by Keith on Jun 6th 2018

      I've always like the idea of appendix carry, but have really struggled to find a holster that was comfortable for me (I'm fairly short, so holsters tend to dig into my leg when I sit). The Combo from Spider Concealment is a perfect fit for me! I can comfortably carry my Glock 26 with a spare magazine all day, and I've ordered another for my Sig P938 (I'll review that when I receive it). I particularly like the flexibility of the Combo option - while I normally use the "standard" belt clip, the straps and tuckable J-clip are great options to have. Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality and function of this holster package.

    5. A holster that works  star rating

      Posted by Wayne Peacock on May 30th 2018

      I have tried several holsters for conceal carry for my Ruger LC9s . This one hits the mark, the claw pushes the grip snug to The body. The combo gave me options to find the best fit for me.
      I will hit this site first the next time I am looking for a holster.
      Really like combo deal.

    6. Recommended!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on May 30th 2018

      Great fit and good retention. The shipping can take a bit, but this product is worth it. Comes with almost everything you could need. Just pair with a good belt and you're good to go! I got one for my lc9s and will need another for my vp9.

    7. Very Good Holster  star rating

      Posted by K31Scout on May 24th 2018

      Comfortable, slim and conceals my CZ P-07 very well AIWB and it's a rather wide pistol. The wing claw rotates the grip inward perfectly and I really like the 3 options for attaching to the belt. Do you like high ride or low ride?; this combo covers all styles. Retention is adjustable and was actually perfect as delivered. I like how the bottom is open for threaded barrels that poke out farther. The price is super for what you get. This is my first AIWB holster and I am amazed how comfortable it is to carry this way. The Kydex is thick enough and I am confident it will last for years without cracking that is common with inferior holster. No long wait either; I had it in 6 days from ordering.

    8. Perfect holster for my carry needs.  star rating

      Posted by Eric Norris on May 21st 2018

      I love this holster because of the options for carrying it. It feels great in any position, especially appendix. So much so that I have two of these holsters. The second one is light bearing for the TLR6. And has an open bottom as per my request. It came out perfectly. I 100% recommend spider concealment to anyone who asks me.

    9. The best holster I have ever purchased  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on May 9th 2018

      I did a ton of research before I bought this product. Let me tell you they nailed it. The wing is awesome it makes a big fire arm conform to the body so you don't print. The holster itself is amazing as well. You get a nice positive click when you're firearm is in and the holster has great retention. Also you get many options such as belt loop, and a clip. All in all a great holster.

    10. 1 option away from being awesome  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Apr 12th 2018

      I liked the multiple options. I got this holster so I could try out some different positions without buying several holsters. If you could run the J hook off center along with the claw this holster would be the ultimate. I've found I like to run appendix carry a little more towards 12 o'clock and the hook and clip fight with my pants button. Being able to run the J hook off center would fix this. If spider concealment could tweak a few small things I think it could be realistic. But it is a great holster for all other position and options.

      Spider Concealment: You can add the overhook to the wing. ;)

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