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We recently released our "Combo" which comes with a verity of attachments so you can choose which is best suited for you and your carry situation.  Let's say you go out for a nice dinner and you need to tuck you shirt in. The overhook that is included in the package, will allow you to do that with out having to purchase a different holster.  The "Combo" belt attachments included are a 1.5" single belt clip, 2 soft loops, Tuckable Strut and a Concealment Claw.  Every attachment comes with the needed hardware to attach to the holster (we will be posting a video on our blog showing how to install them all).  With us selling a holster with all these belt attachments got our minds rolling!  We have come up with a plan that will be in the best interest of our great customers.  In the coming weeks you will be able to purchase a folded, test fit holster shell with no belt attachments for different guns in your collection.  The folded shells will be ONLY $30 each!!!  All holster shells will be blocked out as our "COMBO" holster. Our thinking is why do we need to charge our great customers for belt attachments if they already have them at home!  This option will be on the site in the coming weeks as well as hardware packs.  We are excited to offer this great opportunity to all of our valued customers.  

Thank you!

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