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Tuck N Go

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This is our first ever blog post let us know what you guys think. Tonight I want to take the time to go over the features of our Tuck N Go.  Our Tuck N Go is our most versatile holster we offer.  It offers a 3/4 sweat shield on both sides of the firearm.  With it having the same cut on both sides we are able to offer this holster as ambidextrous.  If your holster ships to you right handed, you can easily remove the screws, spacers and post to flip the clip around to fit your needs.  Not only is it ambidextrous, the Tuck N Go also offers adjustable cant, ride height and retention.  We recently upgraded the clip on the Tuck n Go which allows you guys to have adjustable cant.  You can adjust the cant by simply by loosening the screws, moving the clip to the desired cant and tighten the screws down. With the new clip design you can also adjust the ride height. This is done by taking the screws out and moving the clip to the next set of holes. The retention is adjusted by simply tightening or loosening the retention screws. If you want a harder draw, simply tighten the screws. If you want an easier draw you can loosen the screws.   I carry our Tuck N Go daily.  I love the fact that I can clip it right onto my belt loop, tuck my shirt in and start my day.  I know that I can have a tucked shirt and still conceal in confidence.  I personal appendix carry my rig (which most of the time is my Glock 43).  Yes, we are Glock guys. If you guys have any other questions, let us know and we will get them all answered.  

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