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Whats New and Whats Coming

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Earlier this week we introduced our new mag carrier.  We are excited to have finally have this listed on our site because it has been a long time coming.  We have been working to find a way to have somewhat of a universal mag carrier for 9mm/40sw double stacks.  We have found the answer!! We have our Mag carrier starting price at just $19.99! Our mag carries have a pressure retention that you have full control over.  Its the same concept as our holsters by tightening the screws for a tougher draw and loosening them for an easier draw.  When you order your new mag carrier it will come with holes drilled into both sides of the clip blocking so it can be worn in many different ways.  Right of left handed with the rounds facing to your desired placement.  The best part about our mag carriers is they will be a QUCIK SHIP ITEM, which means it will ship out in 1-2 business days.  That is exciting news for us.  

Now on to whats coming. We have a couple projects in the works. We know you guys love our OWB belt attachment the Tek Lok.  We will be offering an OWB with a paddle option very soon.  It will have the same functionality as our current OWB but it will have a much easier on off design.  We will be offering both the Tek Lok and Paddle as options for our OWB still.  My favorite part about the new paddles is the come stamped with a big ol AMERICAN FLAG also stating MADE IN THE USA.  I love this! We pride ourselves on bringing you American made products.  

Still something new and something we are very excited about... We are getting trim jigs for our cutting process.  It amy not sound like a lot but what this means for you is we can get our products out much faster to our great customers.  We are going to be able to double production (estimation) and still offer our Spider Concealment quality!  Be on the  lookout on our site for a Quick Ship tab that will be coming soon with the models we are offering quick shipping.  We should have our first 3 models here this week (Glock 19, Glock 43 and M&P Shield).  

For now this is all the exciting news we have.  I may do a video blog tomorrow going over a few of our holsters.  Never know, we may go Facebook Live!!

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